"Blessed are the Mothers who love to fight life's battles bravely with a strong and steadfast faith in God,
for their children shall know where to find strength in time of need."

Monday, October 17, 2011

Teacher-Mom's Day

Teacher's Day, October 5, 2011. My son came home from school and gave me a personalized card. A Teacher's day card for Mommy!   Instead of making cards for his teachers in school, he insisted that he wanted to make one for me because I'm his number one teacher. What a sweet boy!

Yes, I am his teacher-mom at home ever since he entered Preschool.  I exactly know how to deal with him. Click na click kami :) There are times we fight but most of the time he's very obedient. He finishes all his home works even if he's already tired. He's indeed a good example to his sister.

To show appreciation for Matt's teachers, I baked some cupcakes for them.  They had a post teacher's day celebration last October 7.

Chocolate-vanilla cupcakes with butter cream frosting

I am really very grateful for Matt's wonderful teachers. They are all very patient and understanding with my son and all the other special kids in school. They also had their first quarter recognition that day. Matt got Mr. Speller award.

Everyday, I bring him lunch. I get to bond with everyone in school. I get updated with Matt's progress, it's like a short daily PTC. I also get to know the other kids. Each of them special in their own way. But I was not able to come that day because I was still baking the cupcakes for the teachers. I had a nice surprise when I picked him up later. I also have an award - World's Best Mother!  (World's Best Father was also given to another dad.)  The certificate says "For the unconditional effort in bringing out the best in Matt."

Teacher Lanie (principal) holding my World's Best Mother Award.

Once in a while, we need to be appreciated. Yes, it really feels great to be appreciated! It is very challenging to be a parent of a special child but I believe that my greatest reward can not be seen or touched.  They are felt in my heart... much much more than I can expect.


  1. Yay!!! Ur really blogging na... Just when I'm about to exit hahaha! ;)) I look forward to ur many blogs ahead. Mwah mwah congratulations and welcome to the blogging world!!! :-*

  2. yeah..Congrats to Matt and mummy!appreciation is always welcome!