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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to make Hello Kitty Fondant Toppers

I recently bought some special characters cutters (Hello Kitty, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Winnie The Pooh and Tigger.)  I would like to share the pictures when I was doing Hello Kitty cupcake toppers using fondant.

Roll fondant then use the cutter to cut kitty figures
Press the embosser firmly to imprint the ribbon, eyes, nose and whiskers
Roll yellow and black fondant for the nose, eyes and whiskers
Use small oval cutter for the ribbon
I used the same cutter for kitty's dress
Adorable HK in baby pink, green, blue and lavender
This is the very first order I accepted from a mommy friend.  Her daughter will be celebrating her 1st birthday party this Saturday and she needed cupcake toppers only. I made more than 60 toppers during my free time.  I just can't wait to see them on top of the cupcakes :)

Next is an Angry bird fondant cake for March 11!  I can't resist accepting small orders from mommies especially when it will be for their kids. I know my cake will make them happy on their special day. But that will be the last for March.  I need to make an extra special birthday cake for hubby on the 15th and then graduation cakes for Matt and Belle :)


  1. hop on to http://jnyjcakes.blogspot.com

    going to make these this weekend

    1. Thanks for dropping by Zen! Will also visit your blog :)

  2. hi, the toppers look great.. :)

    may i know where you bought the cutters from??

    thank you

    1. Thanks Sweet Cravings. I bought the cutter online from Baking Buddies. Please just check their FB account.